Artwork by Lorraine Whelan . . .

Good Morning/Maidgín Mhaigh/Buenos Dias, 2016

These books are bound using Japanese stab-binding. The first and last pages contain a lino-print of text in one of three languages and there are 3 "breakfast" images per book. The simple ritual of a polite greeting and query takes on an existential significance.

  • three books of lino prints, each in an edition of 10
  • corrugated cardboard covers, 15 cm x 19 cm
  • handbound, 6-strand cotton thread
  • endpapers and edition page, acid-free rag paper
  • lino prints on heavyweight cold-pressed acid-free Strathmore watercolour paper, 300 g/m2; image/text size 6.2 cm x 7.5 cm

I was born in Toronto, Canada into a large Irish immigrant family. Shortly after obtaining my primary degree in 1986, I moved to Ireland to where my parents and half my siblings had already returned.

My writing (poetry, art criticism & commentary, fiction) has been published in Ireland, Canada, USA, Luxembourg & online.

I have exhibited my artwork throughout Ireland in both solo and group exhibitions and have exhibited in group exhibitions in France, China and Canada. I have participated in artist residencies and symposia and my work is included in private (US, Canada, Australia, UK & Belgium) and in public/corporate collections (Microsoft WPGI, OPW, HSE, Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Europol & IBM).

For over 25 years I have created bodies of work that are inspired and challenged by my environment and circumstances, which are regularly in flux. The study and analysis of dreams played a large part in much of my early work and the development of dream imagery informs much of my personal iconography used in both visual and verbal work.

I have worked on projects in response to a specific brief, site, concept, or combination of these. I am fascinated with the immediacy of temporary work yet equally interested in archives and permanence. While I usually consider myself primarily a painter, I love to experience and experiment with any manner of media. I freely use any media for purpose to suit an idea, which is the paramount consideration.

Over the past few years I have been re-exploring print techniques and ceramics and amalgamating these skills with my long time interest in bookbinding to create both unique and limited edition artist books.

I believe that it is through the expression of individual responses to life circumstances that wider truths can be discovered and understood.

I am an artist. I am here. I remember. I draw. I write. I tell stories.