Umha Aois Experimental Bronze Casting Project

Umha Aois

Ongoing Experimental Bronze Casting Project

"Umha Aois" (Irish for Bronze Age) is an ongoing experimental project organised on a volunteer basis by several sculptors, myself included (James Hayes). Through research and experimentation we are attempting to rediscover our Bronze Age ancestors' casting methods, and in the process empower the artists involved with unique approaches to working in bronze.

Although the material (bronze) is familiar, the method (stone and clay moulds) is new to most. Participants found that this was an exciting and empowering experience because of the simplicity and directness of the techniques. I have been involved with the project since the 1996 event, and have organised and participated on many of the events. I have witnessed a blossoming of a useable small scale technology, overcome many hurdles with my fellow artists & archaeologists, and made many good friends as a result. The Umha Aois Project has come to influence my work as a sculptor. I created and manage the UMHA AOIS WEBSITE and hope to turn it into an online repository of useful information for sculptors & archaeologists.

Image Details

  • Casting bronze at night
  • Digital documentation in Dingle
  • Sparks in the yurt
  • Giving demos @ 9th international Experimental Archaeology Conference UCD