"Sierpinski's Growth" 2007 Sculpture in Context, National Botanic Gardens, Dublin

"Sierpinski's Growth" 2007

Sculpture in Context (group show), National Botanic Gardens, Dublin, Sept 6th - Oct 19th 2007

This work is an experimental piece which I created onsite over the space of two days. It is constructed of bamboo skewers held together with hot glue.

The design is based on a fractal named after Wacław Sierpiński who described it in 1915. Originally constructed as a curve, this is one of the basic examples of self-similar sets, i.e. it is a mathematically generated pattern that can be reproducible at any magnification or reduction.

I wanted to create a three dimensional drawing, lines floating in air. After this initial temporary piece, I had the opportunity to create a similar but permanent artwork in stainless steel for the Athlone Institute of Technology.