"Sierpinski's Growth" 2009-2010 Athlone Institute of Technology, Co Athlone

"Sierpinski's Growth" 2009-2010

Athlone Institute of Technology, Co Athlone. 3 sculptures, various dimensions, laser cut stainless steel

I created three large space filling fractal sculptures for the Athlone Institute of Technology’s new Department of Engineering and Informatics building.

These sculptures are constructed using stainless steel pipes, so that the work could be built to a significant scale while keeping the final full weight of the artwork within the limits necessary for the supporting beams.

The design of the interlocking joints direct the visual appearance of the artwork away from being a simple mathematical exercise towards that of an engineered construct. The artworks are distributed in the three entrance foyers / atria.

These are three-dimensional drawings, lines floating in air. After my initial temporary piece "Sierpinski's Growth" created for the National Botanic Gardens 2007 Sculpture in Context Exhibition, I was excited by the opportunity to recreate this artwork in permanent materials.

This installation allows the viewer to examine the sculpture from many various angles and from practically within the largest component. The materials used to construct the artwork allow the viewer to see right through the work, as it consists mainly of negative space surrounded by lines. The installation 'grows' across the space and into the air. This new piece is an extension of my other large-scale artworks & installations, and is an artistic expression of my personal preoccupation with fractal mathematics.

This opportunity has been very important to my practice as a sculptor. I have been challenged and engaged by other site-specific opportunities in the past, but opportunities such as this providing the freedom to realise large-scale ideas are few and far between.

Image Details

  • Naas Road leading in to Newbridge Town
  • Water droplets on stainless steel
  • Electro etched credits
  • Artist with the sculpture