"Evidence" 2006 Sculpture in Context, National Botanic Gardens, Dublin

"Evidence" 2006

Sculpture in Context (group show), National Botanic Gardens, Dublin, Sept 6th - Oct 20th 2006

I was invited to select work for the Sculpture in Context 2006 exhibition, along with 2 other adjudicators. This involved reviewing & selecting around 120 exhibitors from a total of 240 proposals.

I was also invited to submit a proposal, the result of which was an installation titled "Evidence 2006". This stretches over 34 meters of river bank, ranging from 2 meters to 4.5 meters in width.

The drawing was created over the course of 2 days using white decorative stone laid on the dark soil of the river bank. The drawing is my fingerprint, which suggests the rippling water of the river passing by.

This work relates to another large scale work which I created for the Emo Court Visual Artists Symposium 2005, "Evidence 2005".