"Evidence" 2005 Emo Court Artists Symposium 2005, Co Laois

"Evidence" 2005

Emo Court Artists Symposium 2005, Co Laois. Image temporarily burnt into grass, approx 80m x 120m

The estate of Emo Court is a man made mark on the Irish landscape. I created a temporary image on the large back field leading down to the lake. This image is visible from the sculpture yard of the house and the back porch. The image consists of my own finger print scaled up to fit within the visible confines of the field (100 million times original size). This is a human mark on the land, but not as the usual architectural or agricultural mark.

This image was combined with two others in a previous work, an etching entitled "Paternity Suite: Legacy". The word 'Legacy' has many connotations of inheritance, history, lineage, both on a personal and cultural level. The "Paternity Suite" series is inspired by the birth of my daughter, a humbling experience, and this mark on the ground is a further declaration of my mortal existence alongside the rest of humanity. This will pass, but something else will be left behind, perhaps only a memory.

Image Details

  • View towards Emo Court House
  • Artist making artwork and interaction with public
  • Aerial view
  • Artist with the land-artwork