Artwork by Lorraine Whelan . . .

Writing by Lorraine Whelan

Lorraine Whelan writes poetry, fiction, art criticism & commentary and memoir. Her work has been published in journals in print and online. In addition to other social media, Lorraine writes the weekly blog, Culture, Craft & Cooking.

Here are links to some of Lorraine's writing that is available online:

Art Criticism
Oct 2019: CIRCA online, review of Tomnafinnoge Sculpture Symposium, Tinahely
May 2019: CIRCA online, review of Judy Foley: Foreign Body at The O'Reilly Institute, TCD
Feb 2018: CIRCA online, review of William Crozier: The Edge of the Landscape at IMMA
Dec 2016: CIRCA online, review of Christopher Mahon: You Can't Unsee Something at The Lambert Puppet Theatre
Oct 2016: CIRCA online, review of Jane Locke: Illustrated Walks in the Botanic Gardens at The Botanic Gardens Dublin

April 2019: Abstract Magazine, "Holding It Together", memoir

Fall 2021: Emerald City Review, Issue 4, "Hamburg Train Station at Midnight" short story
Spring 2018: Tales From The Forest, Issue 7:Continuity, "Prayers for My Children", short story

Jan 2021: The Fieldstone Review, Issue 13 Part 2: Escapisms, "If I Were A Tree"
April/May 2021: Dissonance Magazine, "Early Morning"
March 2021: Mediterranean Review, "Clouds Over the Sea", "Catherine's Ashes", "The Cove"
Oct 2020: Tales from the Forest, Issue 12: Time, "The Bouquet's Last Days"
August 2020: Angel City Review, Issue 9, "Grief", "Trio"
Jan 2020: Dwell Time Press, "Coronavirus Park", "Lockdown", "Pandemic Lockdown"
Feb 2020: Tales from the Forest, Issue 11: Lore, "Somewhere Between Lillehammer and Trondheim"
Nov 2019: As You Were: The Military Review, Vol 11, "First Drill"
July 2019: Pangolin Review,Issue 11, "Grandma's Stories"
Feb 2019: Poetry Sound Library, "Portrait"
Jan 2019: Scarlet Leaf Review, "Thingvellir at Night", "Noticing Heaven", "near Greystones"
Dec 2018: Corvus Review, Issue 11 Fall/Winter, "Shedding Skin"
Nov 2018: Tales from the Forest, Issue 9: Limits, "Sonic Boom"
Oct 2017: Tales from the Forest, Issue 6: Beginnings, "First Visit to Dingle"
June 2017: Honest Ulsterman (HU), "Submergence"

I was born in Toronto, Canada into a large Irish immigrant family. Shortly after obtaining my primary degree in 1986, I moved to Ireland to where my parents and half my siblings had already returned.

My writing (poetry, art criticism & commentary, fiction, non-fiction) has been published in Ireland, Canada, USA, Luxembourg & online.

I have exhibited my artwork throughout Ireland in both solo and group exhibitions and have exhibited in group exhibitions in France, China and Canada. I have participated in artist residencies and symposia and my work is included in private (US, Canada, Australia, UK & Belgium) and in public/corporate collections (Microsoft WPGI, OPW, HSE, Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Europol & IBM).

For over 30 years I have created bodies of work that are inspired and challenged by my environment and circumstances, which are regularly in flux. The study and analysis of dreams plays a large part in much of my work and the development of dream imagery informs the iconography used in both visual and verbal work.

I have worked on projects in response to a specific brief, site, concept, or combination of these. I am fascinated with the immediacy of temporary work yet equally interested in archives and permanence. While I consider myself primarily a painter, I love to experience and experiment with any manner of media. I freely use any media to suit an idea, which is the paramount consideration.

I believe that it is through the expression of individual responses to life circumstances that wider truths can be discovered and understood.

I am an artist. I am here. I remember. I draw. I write. I tell stories.