"Nesting Chairs" 1997 Temple Bar Street Art Symposium

"Nesting Chairs" 1997

Commissioned by Temple Bar Properties for the Temple Bar Street Art Symposium. 17th September - 26th October 1997

I use chairs in my artwork in a figurative manner & the chair brings with it all the associations of home. By bringing this figure of domestic life out to the streets of Temple Bar, I want to highlight the fact that the area is not only a district for shopping & entertainment, it is a neighbourhood & a home to many people.

There is a certain absurdity to the image of a colourful chair locked to a pole, a playfulness reflected in the choice of "toy" colours. Another echo of domesticity is the way I moved the chairs gradually from steet to street like a herd of grazing cattle. This "flock" was then dispersed to sites throughout the neighbourhood.

Taking the idea of growth for inspiration, this artwork began as a series of swirling natural forms, like vines on a wall. The repeating forms create patterns and reflections, to show motion, to suggest the process of life. Taking this theme further, a composition was developed which flows into an organic growth, a curling pattern that is self-similar and is based on a classic "dragon fractal", a swirling form in contrast with the linear structures of the architecture of the building, yet still very mathematical itself. This brings natural forms into the modern structure, which will be complimented by the action of people moving through the space. It provides a pleasing contrast to the geometric forms of the architecture.

>The large-scale artwork reflects the changing light during the day, brightening shadowy spaces and further extending the 'abstract' pattern of this design. With the evening indoor lights reflecting onto the artwork, it will continue to shine at night and during the winter months.

This opportunity has been very important to my practice as a sculptor. I have been challenged and engaged by other site-specific opportunities in the past, but opportunities such as this providing the freedom to realise large-scale ideas are few and far between.

Image Details

  • Naas Road leading in to Newbridge Town
  • Water droplets on stainless steel
  • Electro etched credits
  • Artist with the sculpture