"Proof(1)" 1994 Gallery 44, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Toronto

"Proof(1)" 1994

Gallery 44, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Toronto, Canada, July 9 - 30, 1994. An exhibition of work by 5 emerging artists

An experience can be embedded with such emotional potency that to recall it is to relive it, with the same wonderful or painful feelings as when the experience first occurred.

Lorraine's interest has dwelled on the development of both traditional symbols that represent fecundity (such as fruit) and modern/personal symbols and images which provide a new view on this theme (for instance, the abstract composition of stripes in a pregnancy test). Her work can be viewed HERE

This exhibition of our work includes paintings on canvas and handmade paper by Lorraine, and James' work includes original prints, wall-mounted metal sculptures, an insatllation of sculpture and video, and small-scale bronze and ceramic sculptures. Images of other work included in this exhibition can be viewed in the sections Paternity Suite, Paternity Suite 2002-2003, and Ball!

Image Details

  • Naas Road leading in to Newbridge Town
  • Water droplets on stainless steel
  • Electro etched credits
  • Artist with the sculpture