"Tendril" 2009 Department of Revenue Decentralised Offices, Co. Limerick

"Tendril" 2009

Department of Revenue Decentralised Offices, Newcastle West, Co. Limerick. 10 panels, various dimensions, laser cut stainless steel, mounted on security fencing at entrance of building and parking area.

Taking the architectural forms of the street for inspiration, this artwork begins as a series of doorway & window forms. These forms repeat the pattern of the nearby cottages.

Taking this theme further, an image was developed, initially inspired by the draping pattern of lace curtains. This image however flows into an organic growth, a curling pattern which is self-similar but non-repeating, a swirling form in contrast with the linear structure of the fencing and the architecture of the new building. This brings natural forms into the modern structure, which is complimented by the green areas in the central court beyond.

The image is constructed from individual components of laser cut stainless steel, securely attached to the fencing. The image is designed such that it is visible to visitors approaching the building as well as from the courtyard. As the fencing (& therefore the artwork) is overhung by the building, it will for the most part remain in shadow. It is large & dramatic, with the brushed stainless steel reflecting light from across the street as well as providing a silhouetted image through which the brighter courtyard will be visible.

Image Details

  • Department of Revenue Decentralised Offices
  • Detail view
  • View from within parking area
  • Wide view near pedestrian gate