Chinese Lunar New Year . . .

Cinese Lunar New Year

Every year since 2005 I have taken the time to create a Photoshop composition to celebrate the Chinese (Lunar) New Year. The Lunar New Year is celebrated by many cultures and countries as well as China, and it is a great excuse to have a yummy meal!

2014 Year of the Horse
A Photoshop composition for Lunar New Year 2014. Happy Year of the Horse! The image combines a white horse with a picture of a mountainous wooded Oriental landscape and a traditional wooden building in the foreground. I added steamy breath coming out of the horse's nostrils, and falling snow to blend the images together.

Image Details

  • 2014 Year of Horse
  • 2013 Year of Snake
  • 2012 Year of Dragon
  • 2011 Year of Rabbit