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A virtual cornucopia of art images and multimedia art experiences by visual artists James Hayes & Lorraine Whelan in an online gallery format.

Below are links to the newest artwork available to view in our online art gallery website, highlighting artwork from various exhibitions & commissions, as well as links to our other online art work to the left. These show artwork from artist James Hayes' eclectic approach to sculpture, bronze casting, and installation art. There are also many examples of artist Lorraine Whelan's artwork, featuring paintings, drawings, and many other art works since 1989.

Fever Afterimages 2014
Fever Afterimages, new paintings, drawings and monoprints by Lorraine Whelan **NEW** New paintings, drawings and monoprints by Lorraine, inspired by retinal afterimages seen during illness.

Moments: New Paintings by Lorraine
Lorraine Whelan - Moments **NEW** More images of Lorraine's paintings from the current series "Moments".

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Sentinel new sculpture by James
Sentinel a stainless steel sculpture by James Hayes **NEW** A stainless steel sculpture by James Hayes for Newbridge Town's bicentenary, awaiting installation.

Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year of the Horse 2014 by James Hayes Each year James Hayes has created a digital collages for the celebration of the Chinese New Year.

James & Lorraine Facebook Pages
James Hayes and Lorraine Whelan  now have Facebook Pages James Hayes and Lorraine Whelan have Facebook pages, please "Like" to receive regular updates on their work.

Lorraine Whelan Blog
Lorraine Whelan  Blog Lorraine Whelan started a blog in Jan 2013 and updates it weekly with musings about art, writing, music (life, the universe and everything...)
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Artist Lorraine Whelan

I was born in Toronto, Canada, of Irish immigrant parents, something which has a great influence on both my life and work as I am fascinated with my heritage. In 1988, several years after my university graduation (York University, Toronto), I decided to move to Ireland, where half my family currently live.

For over 25 years, I have created "bodies" of work starting with a large group of emotional, figurative works on paper which comprised my first solo exhibition in Dublin in 1989. The study of dreams played a large part in my earlier work, and many works developed from the use of dream imagery. My next solo exhibition, My Tower of Strength, consisted of a series of paintings and drawings which were physically based on the architecture of stone building ruins (common throughout Ireland), yet, through style and colour, sought to express something more than the "actual".

For some time now, I have become increasingly aware that my work is inspired by changes in my environment and circumstance, and I am happiest with my work when it is challenged by such changes. For instance, my involvement with the Art & Industry Placement Programme in 1995, led to the development of a new way for me to look at art and materials: I had a residency in a pharmaceutical factory and sought to explore the humanity of the workers within this sterile environment. In addition, I personally realised the validity of a temporary approach to artmaking. The resulting exhibition, Hand in Hand, was created on material familiar to the factory workers (enamel on plastic sheeting), the imagery was based directly on the workers, and the exhibition was hung in the staff canteen for the enjoyment of all the staff. While I do not believe this is the only way to work, the entire experience was extremely satisfying and had an important effect on my methods of working and outlook on creation. Immediately following the end of this project, I began working on a double installation, Pastures Green and Dreaming for Dad. This exhibition consisted of tiny, elegant paintings on hand made paper and large, expressive paintings on domestic net curtains. Pastures Green is a tribute to my father, who died the previous year, in 1995.

Since then, I have worked on other projects in response to a specific brief, site, concept, or combination of these. While I have found that my artistic life functions well when pushed outside the almost monastic studio mould, I do consider myself primarily a painter. In 1997 I began work on sketches and drawings for a series of paintings on canvas based on flowers. Initially, the sketches were made as research for a temporary commission in Dublin, using materials such as acetate and transparent adhesive coloured film. As a temporary body of work, the flowers were to be colourful and stylised, appropriate to the chosen media and site. As paintings on canvas, my concerns were to express a joy and richness appropriate to the subject. The resulting body of work, Blessings, was exhibited in Bray and in Ballyjamesduff in 1999 and 2000 respectively. With the birth of my daughter in 2002 the desire for the expression of joy in my work is paramount. During the first few years of motherhood, I created a series of mixed media works on paper and canvas to celebrate my daughter's life. This work, For Elise, was exhibited in August 2005 at the Courthouse Arts Centre, Tinahely in a joint exhibition with sculptor James Hayes (my husband and father to Elise).

In May 2009 I began Placement©, an ongoing temporary project, in which I print out images of artwork from my 25+ years oeuvre onto standard mailing labels and then put them in various locations. The project allows me freedom to experiment and to take a number of issues into consideration, such as scale, site, context, disposability, and collaboration/participation.

In 2010 I completed the painting series Homebody Child, which explored the themes of motherhood, childhood and domesticity. In 2011 I started a body of work, Moments, which were a further development on these themes, using images that are specific to my life and family history. This work continues to express generic/universal themes as I explore issues of Memory, Family, Place and Time.

In early 2013 I got involved with The Big Egg Hunt Dublin in order to help raise funds for the children's charity The Jack & Jill Foundation. I also started a blog and set up a FaceBook artist page.

In 2014, after completing a large triptych, Maritime Alps, for the Moments series, I started some new work. Fever Afterimages is the culmination of some ideas which have been percolating in the background over the past couple of years. These monoprints, drawings and paintings are the direct result of being fascinated by compositions of retinal images during a personal illness.

Artist James HayesI was born in the USA, raised in Ottawa & Toronto, Canada where I attended CTS for a 3 year Fine Art Diploma. I completed my Fine Art Degree at Dun Laoghaire Institute in 2002, and in 2004 I completed a Master of Science Degree in Multimedia Systems at Trinity College Dublin.

In my sculptural work I use objects, images, colours, and materials that I consider both simple and iconic, and I combine them to suggest ideas, personal histories, emotions, memories and dreams. My approach to my artwork is diverse, unique, and appropriate to the circumstances.

My recent artworks focus on my very new experiences as a father, standing in the reflected light of the classic mother and child. These figurative bronze & ceramic sculptures were exhibited as part of the "For Elise" exhibition with artist Lorraine Whelan.

I experiment with photography, printing images onto various materials (most notably glass, metal and painted surfaces) and incorporating them into a sculptural context. I enjoy the craft of woodworking and in "Tables/Tableaux" I used traditional lathe-work and carpentry.

I have been involved in a number of projects which are experimental in nature and direction, thus freeing me from the usual studio approach to art making. The Emo Court Artists Symposium 2005 gave me the opportunity to create an immense land art work "Evidence". This was a fantastic opportunity for me, as how often do you get a chance to recreate such a large area into a piece of artwork?

Both the "Home" exhibition and the "Temple Bar Street Art Symposium" were projects geared directly towards raising awareness of the issues of life in and on the streets.

The "Umha Aois" projects, five of which I have helped to organise & run, are bronze casting symposia with the purpose of rediscovering ancient casting technologies and as such are very experimental in approach. As an active member of the Umha Aois Organising Committee I was committed to building on the successes of this experimental approach and to empowering my fellow artists through the experiences of the symposia. I still manage the Umha Aois website, as well as participating on the ongoing projects as an artist and technician.

Recently I began experimenting with using video in my sculptural and installation work. I have also begun to use the techniques discovered through the Umha Aois symposia to create components of my artwork, and am pleased with the results.

In 2005 I completed my first large scale commission, a fountain entitled "Ball!", for Jim Hayes in Iowa City. This consisted of 3 bronze figures and a bronze ball, arranged in a circular fountain.

I have also had several opportunities to create truly large scale work. At the "Emo Court Artsts Symposium 2005" I created an image of my fingerprint measuring 120 metres by 80 meters by burning the image into a harvested field. At the 2006 "Sculpture in Context" exhibiton at the National Botanic Gardens Dublin, I created another large scale image of my fingerprint. I used decorative white gravel on dark soil, along a riverbank measuring 35 meters by 5 meters.

In 2007 I was commissioned to create a large public artwork for a new Garda Station in Oranmore, Co. Galway. This large artwork "Evidence 2007" was inspired by Evidence 2005 created at Emo Court, and played on notions of justice associated with the work of the Garda Siochana.

During 2007 and 2008 I worked on a collaborative artwork with fellow artist Niall O'Neill. This public artwork "Horseplay" was created using techniques Niall & I have researched through the Umha Aois Experimental Bronze Casting Project. The whole community was involved through bronze casting demonstrations we presented at the Aughrim National School. The artwork was made up of over 200 horses designed by the students of the school, cast and welded together by myself & Niall into the form of a stylised rocking horse, which the children of the school can play on and interact with daily.

Also during 2008 I was commissioned to produce commemorative plaques for the 150th anniversary of Charles Barrington being the first person to climb the Eiger Peak in Switzerland. Two plaques were erected in Switzerland - at Grindelwald and partway up the Eiger - and one plaque was erected in Barrington's home town of Bray, Co Wicklow in Ireland.

In 2009 I completed a public art commission for the new Department of Revenue Decentralised Offices in Newcastle West, Co. Limerick. Tendril is a large artwork made up of 10 laser cut stainless steel panels.

In September 2010 I installed a large commission for the Athlone Institute of Technology. Sierpinski's Growth is a much larger and permanent reworking of the sculpture I did for the 2007 Sculpture in Context Exhibition.

In April 2011 I installed a large outdoor wall mounted sculpture at the new Library & Arthouse Studios in Stradbally. Growth is a large, fractal inspired artwork made up of 20 laser cut stainless steel components.

During October and November 2011 I installed a large concrete and stainless steel sculpture Menger Pyramid Coláiste Choilm (a boys secondary school), Tullamore. I have put together a series of time lapse videos (part one, part 2, and part three) of the installation, as it took over a month to slot this large puzzle together!

In December 2011 I installed Fishing for Knowledge, a sculpture I made through a workshop led process with Causeway National Scool in County Kerry. The staff & students of the school took the opportunity to add personal messages and images to the scales of a giant Salmon which was then cast in bronze and installed at a nearby housing estate.

In April 2012 I was approached to create a sculpture for the gates of the brand new Powerscourt National School. The catch was that there was a very short proposal time and they needed it installed before May 30th. My proposal was selected, and the artwork Flow is now installed after a whirlwind development process.

In January 2013 I decided to get involved in the Big Egg Hunt Dublin, a fund raising event for The Jack & Jill Children's Foundation, by creating an artwork on one of their provided large fibre-glass eggs. I am very pleased with the resulting egg, "Hilbert Curve", which will be auctioned off in March to raise money for the charity. I have also created a time lapse video of the entire 8 day process compressed into 4 minutes.

In July 2013 I was approached by the Kildare County Arts Officer with regard to producing an artwork for the Newbridge Town Bicentenary. It was hoped that the artwork would be produced in time for the Newbridge Grassroots Festival in September 2013, however due to various delays a decision on the commission was not made until late October. The sculpture Sentinel as completed in January 2014 and was installed at the entrance to Newbridge Town in November. The official launch took place Dec 8th 2014.

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