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A virtual cornucopia of art images and multimedia art experiences by visual artists James Hayes & Lorraine Whelan in an online gallery format.

To the left are links to the newest artwork available to view in our online art gallery website, highlighting artwork from various exhibitions & commissions. These show artwork from artist James Hayes' eclectic approach to sculpture, bronze casting, and installation art. There are also many examples of artist Lorraine Whelan's artwork, featuring paintings, drawings, and many other art works since 1989.

Lorraine Whelan Blog
Lorraine Whelan  Blog Lorraine Whelan started a blog in Jan 2013 called Cullture, Craft and Cooking. She updates it weekly with musings about art, writing, music and food.
James & Lorraine Facebook Pages
James Hayes and Lorraine Whelan  now have Facebook Pages James Hayes and Lorraine Whelan have Facebook pages, please "Like" and "Follow" to receive regular updates on their work.
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Artist Lorraine Whelan

I am a visual artist and writer based in Bray, Co. Wicklow, Republic of Ireland.

I write poetry, critical reviews and commentary.

I work fluently in painting, drawing and print media, and recently I have been exploring audio and video tools.

I enjoy working on projects in response to a specific brief, site, concept, or combination of these as they provide a challenge and often unexpectedly resolve stalemates related to other works.

My work develops from charged responses to personal circumstances and environment. I have an ongoing interest in the study of dreams and use dream imagery and symbols related to my life and family history. I believe that it is through the exploration of the specific that universal themes, such as issues of memory, family and time are expressed and understood.

Artist James HayesJames Hayes is an established sculptor proficient in a wide range of traditional and new media skills, ranging from authentic Bronze Age metal casting to complex 3D computer modelling and image manipulation.

He has been commissioned for site specific public, corporate & private sculpture regularly since 1995, and has exhibited extensively in Ireland and North America.

James is a professional member of Visual Artists Ireland since 1993 (formerly Sculptors' Society of Ireland).

James has organised and run five "Umha Aois" experimental bronze casting symposia, and is an active participant on the "Umha Aois" projects since 1996.

James trained in traditional visual arts and sculpture skills in Toronto, Canada, and has since extended his skills base with a Bachelor of Arts from Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art Design and Technology, and a Master of Science in Multimedia Skills from Trinity College, Dublin.

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